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Our Story

Abelha Creator Benedicte Sparks Gardenia flower the essence of Abelha  Abelha hand cream and bee venom face cream                                                                                                                                          
Originally from France, I arrived in New Zealand over 20 years ago and eventually settled down in a small rural village located in the spectacular South Island of New Zealand. There I immersed myself in the fascinating world of Beekeeping.
Discovering these Beautiful creatures that are so important to our planet has been a life changing experience  

I  always tried to use natural cosmetic products, but had never been able to find anything entirely suitable.

I decided to combine the knowledge that I had gained from my partnership with the bees, and create my own range of natural skincare products.

We have used natural and organic elements to make these products, in particular our wonderful natural Manuka honey! The Manuka tree has been used by the original inhabitants of these Islands for centuries as a healing plant. It has since been discovered,that when bees collect nectar from the flowers of the Manuka Tree, the resulting honey has extremely high healing properties. 

Further study of all the things that bees produce show that, Royal Jelly, which is used by the hive exclusively to feed the Queen, has anti ageing properties. The Queen lives up to 40 times longer than the worker bees! The young are also fed Royal jelly but only for the 1st three days of life. This gives them the start to life that will make them strong and healthy.

Bee venom, Bee venom, when added to our face cream is known to rejuvenate, tighten and plump up the skin. Regular use of my face cream containing Bee venom will eliminate the need for some of the more radical treatments used in the skincare industry.

I have chosen, Gardenia as the signature scent for my Abelha range. Gardenia an essential oil produced from the petals of the Gardenia flower. This essential oil has been sourced from  Grasse, considered the worlds capital of Perfume. Grasse is a town on the French Riviera, North of Cannes where they have been producing natural perfumes since the 18th century.

All of Abelha's ingredients are natural and sourced here in New Zealand apart from the essential oil of Gardenia. Bee venom for our Face cream (a much better skin rejuvenation than injection!!) Royal jelly, and of course the world famous Manuka honey

The resulting Abelha range of luxurious skincare products containing these natural ingredients will, I am sure become your favourite, as it has become for many around the globe 

I'm sure Abelha will work as well for you,as it has done for me.

Try My Abelha skincare range. You deserve it!!